Welcome to the homepage of Matthijs oude Lohuis!

I am a PhD student at the University of Amsterdam in the group of Cyriel Pennartz. I work on topics in the field of cognitive and systems neuroscience including multisensory integration (where and how do the different senses interact in the brain), brain states (why does perception degrade under anesthesia) and communication principles between different brain areas.

I previously worked at the Champalimaud  Centre for the Unknown (in the lab of Zach Mainen).

I also work at the Dutch Brain Bank, where I coordinate autopsies to collect human brain tissue for scientific research.

Additionally I’d like to write popular scientific books (see Books) and articles (see Brain Blog) and I think public outreach on interesting brain discoveries is both important and inspiring.

Matthijs oude Lohuis
PhD student – Cognitive and Systems Neuroscience Group
Swammerdam Inst. for Life Sciences
Faculty of Science, University of Amsterdam
M.N.oudeLohuis (at) uva.nl