The brain is a complex and mysterious organ. Its many different areas cooperate to control our behavior and produce our inner world. I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Champalimaud Foundation in Lisbon and focus on understanding how different brain areas communicate. In a  collaboration between the Cortical Circuits lab of Leopoldo Petreanu and the Theoretical Neuroscience group of Christian Machens, we approach these questions by combining multi-area calcium recordings with visual perceptual decision-making tasks for mice.

My Ph.D. work focused on context-dependent sensory processing at the University of Amsterdam in the group of Cyriel Pennartz. I worked on the modulatory effects of top-down feedback,  multisensory integration, brain states, and task-dependent sensory processing. You can find my full thesis here.

Additionally, I’d like to write popular scientific books (see Books) and I think public outreach on interesting brain discoveries is both important and inspiring. I worked at the Dutch Brain Bank, coordinating autopsies to collect human brain tissue for scientific research.

Matthijs Oude Lohuis
postdoctoral researcher – Champalimaud Neuroscience
matthijs.oudelohuis (at) research.fchampalimaud.org